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I don’t have time to blog because I spend too much time reading other people’s blogs.

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writers and the computer generation bewitched

Critical and unsound embolic things happen when you sit in front a computer hours and day after day, only your fingers moving on the keyboard. Most writers don’t have a concept of time when they’re writing. Set a kitchen timer on the hour; when it rings, get up and walk around. I was lucky — I survived a pulmonary embolism.

Get up! Move yourself around.

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Summer will be over in eight days. Fall 2012, My Unlikely Witness.

It being 2014 now, obviously, that didn’t happen. Too many things.

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This is one I like

Although I read voraciously, I don’t find many quotables in current fiction. This is an exception:

From Sister, Rosamund Lupton’s debut novel:
“Can you be eco about friendships? They are too valuable to be junked when they stop being immediately convenient.”